Dec 14, 2022

Our Process and Timeline

Our Process and Timeline

01 The Order

During our initial conversation, we will collect information needed to properly complete your project. We will ask questions to get information on the following: the material the product is installed on, the process of installation, accessibility of area of installation, and any possible roadblocks.

After finalizing the scope of the project, we will suggest the proper product and/or process for your project. We will talk with you to help understand your plans for design (if applicable) and installation in order to gauge an estimated timeline. Please note: there is a fee for site surveys and blue stakes (if applicable).

02 Design Proof

Every version of the proof will be presented to you and you will be notified of any design changes along the way. Our designers follow best practices to ensure full legibility and help you stand out. After you receive the design proof, you will have time to review it and double-check that the design has all the correct details. We produce your item exactly how it looks in the finalized proof. If you have any questions at all about your design proof, don’t be afraid to ask. Please note: we retain ownership of designs unless ownership is transferred by sale as a logo purchase. Logo design and/ or signage design isn’t always included in the price of the physical product. Once we have your approval for your design, the production process will began.

03 Proposal

During the presentation of the proposal we will thoroughly discuss our plan for your project with you. We will cross-reference the design proof with the proposal to ensure your full understanding of the process. We will help you understand our working terms and double-check that you feel fully prepared for the approval. Once we receive your verbal or signed proposal, the production process will begin. Please note: To ensure that your project is completed on time without additional charges, please carefully review the proposal and design proof before approval. Each round of revisions on your project delays production time by at least 2 days. We are more than happy to answer any questions or clarify our process with you during the proposal presentation.

04 Deposit

We are able to take deposits in cash, check, or card in person or over the phone. A 50% deposit is required before production in order to confirm your project. Once we receive your deposit, the production timeline will begin. You will be provided with an estimated pickup or install date. If anything changes during production, we will contact you with updates. Please note: Production lead times will start after we have received your deposit and your project has been approved.

05 Pickup/Install

Our goal is always to make this part of the process as smooth as possible and ensure you are given the best results. Our production department will notify you when your job is ready for install or pickup. If your project requires installation we will follow-up with you to ensure that your install dates are still accurate.