Dec 14, 2022

Blue Stakes: Need To Knows and FAQ

Blue Stakes: Need To Knows and FAQ

When planning the installation of your signage, it is important to note whether or not digging will be required for your project. If digging is a component of your signage installation, you need to submit a request to Blue Stakes here.

Read on to learn about how to submit a request to Blue Stakes.

Before Sending in a Request

There are few things to keep in mind before you send in a request to Blue Stakes. First, you need to properly examine your dig site. The address/street name of the site must be posted on the physical location of the site. In instances where the dig site is not posted at the address provided, make sure you are ready with traveling instructions from the nearest posted address.

Preparing marking instructions for your dig site is also an important part of the preparation process. General instructions such as Entire Lot, Front of lot, etc. are acceptable to use. If your dig site has unique excavation areas, pre-mark the dig area before making the request with white flags, stakes or white paint. It is also important to provide staking instructions in areas where excavation will be done in the road.

Sending in Your Request

Make sure that your request is sent in no later than two business days prior to your excavation. Keep in mind that the Locate Request will expire within 14 calendar days. If you are not excavating within the 14-day time frame, please send in your request closer to the beginning of your excavation date.

Making the Request

You can either make your request with Blue Stakes of Utah by clicking here or calling 811, option 1. Please provide them with the best phone numbers to contact to avoid project delays. Provide specifics as to the type of work that will be done for your project. Make sure to be as specific as possible (EX: installing signage). Make sure to only relay information to them that is expected to be done within the 14 days that your ticket is valid. If your project is expected to take longer than 14 days, you will need to create a new ticket.

When providing address-related information to Blue Stakes, make sure to also provide the city, address, subdivision name and lot number. Additionally, make sure to give them specific marking instructions. If there will be horizontal boring or blasting equipment, make sure to relay this information. You may schedule what is called a “Meet” in the case that your job area is too large or hard to explain.

Click here to see the terminology for Location and Marking Instructions.

FAQ From Our Partners

  1. How long does it take for Blue Stakes to respond to my request?

There is up to a 48-hour wait. Make sure to send in your request no later than two business days.

2) How will I know if I need to make a request?

If your project requires any amount of digging, you will need to submit a request to Blue Stakes. If you are unsure about whether or not your project needs to be approved, contact Blue Stakes here.

3) What happens if my request is denied?

A recall can be made. If your request is denied, you may need to move or expand the radius of the site. You can contact Blue Stakes if you need further guidance or information regarding your request.